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The artist residency program started in 2013, and we have had around 50
artists from 15 countries. Most of them have stayed for one or two months,
also conducting workshops and seminars. Now we want to concentrate on a
profile with the Nordic countries and the Baltic, after some inspiring contacts.

We have invited artists from Iceland, Denmark and Sweden, who have projects
also involving the local community. We are cooperating with "Energiverket
Jakobstad" - Finnish artists- about "New Fluxus"- a project in the making,
supported by The Nordic Culture.

We offer up to fifteen artist residencies for periods of one to three months,
giving them the choice of length of stay and an a choice of  living and working
arrangements, whether it be in the apartment building adjacent to the main
house or a room in the main building.

The main building has three floors with seven studios, including a separate
photo darkroom and a printmaking workshop, which houses two large presses
an a large Epson printer.

Living accommodations in the main house include seven bedrooms, two kitchens,
a living room and a meeting room, in the adjacent apartment, two bedrooms, bath,
and living room with a kitchen.

There are four local artists with studios, who contribute to helping visiting artists,
a part-time custodian and part-time cleaning personnel.