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Artist in Residence 2023+2024

Main aims for our KUNSTKVARTERET AIR program the two coming years:

  • to establish increased art communication with other visual art genres, both nationally and worldwide.

  • to provide for artistic experiences and art exploration within an archipelago and the Arctic environment.

  • to bring new artistic impulses into the local community related to contemporary art productions.

BODØ is in 2024 the European Capital of Culture,
County of Nordland Key theme for arts: The Art of nature
We are also interested in art projects that may be linked up to ARTICulation in 2024. This for a selected local presentation + possible participation in some of the events in Bodø.

Link: https://bodo2024.no/en/

How to apply and more info about Kunstkvarteret further down.
Send your application to kunstkvarteretlofoten@gmail.com
Deadline is July 30th.


To apply we would like to receive a pdf with the following information, please include the numbers:

1.Your Name:
2. Email:
3. Adress:
4. Nationality:
5. Birthdate:

6. For how long would you like to stay:
a) duration 2-4-6-8 weeks
b) Give at least two alternative date options

7. Give a short presentation / introduction to your ongoing art practice, projects or other information (max 1/2 A4 page): discipline, categories of work, other.
Include link to homepage, portfolio, or other relevant links.

8. What do you want to achieve and which ideas do you have for the working period in Lofoten?

9. How do you plan to work during your stay (materials, indoor/outdoor, sound, equipment)? This is to get an idea how the house will be used.

10. At times there are less activity/less people at the house, choose your alternative:
a) I will be fine with working alone at the house.
b) I prefer to be there when there are other artists around.
c) Both will be fine by me.

11. Include 4-10 photos of work in your pdf application (each image resolution should not exceed 2 mb)

An artist team will be selecting the residents based on the quality of their work.

We are looking forward to your applications for 2023+2024.

Send your application to kunstkvarteretlofoten@gmail.com
Deadline is July 30th.
Answer will be sent out, no later than September 15th



Kunstkvarteret is located in the municipality of Vestvågøy, close to Leknes, in the middle of the Lofoten islands.
Since 2013 we have had Open Calls and invitationals to our AIR.
We are an artist-run studio collective with five local artists, each one with a private studio, sharing the common areas with the artists in residency.

What we can offer:

To our invited artist we offer a residency from 2-8 weeks, where you ́ll get your own private studio-space and a separate sleeping room. (the artist is responsible to cover own expenses for food and travel).

  • We have 3 studios with sleeping rooms (single or double beds) available.
  • 2 shared kitchens and 3 bathrooms / divided between - 1. and 2. floor.
  • 1 common living room / 1. floor
  • 1 common office with large format photo printer, to be booked and used with permission, prior to use / 1.floor.
  • 1 common project room / meeting room. To be booked prior to use. / 1.floor
  • 1 common graphic workshop. To be booked and used with permission, prior to use. / ground floor.
  • The house is equipped with WiFi
  • Linens and towels are available, no need to bring your own. Washing machine.
  • In the summertime there are 2 bicycles available for use.
  • There will be a deposit of 400 NKR for keys, paid in advance.


Kunstkvarteret is located in the rural area outside the town of Leknes, with a wide view over the characteristic landscape of Vestvågøy (means the western bay island). The arctic nature has a central role in your surroundings for your stay. To enjoy the most of it, it is recommended to rent a car, but there are some options for common transport. Lofoten is a string of islands situated in the arctic part of Norway at 68° north. This means we have one month (aprox. 7th of December to 7th of January) where the sun does not rise above the horizon, however there is about 3 hours of daylight, the blue hours. And in the summer between aprox. May 25th and July 18th, we have the midnight sun, 24 hours of sunlight. The famous Northern Lights may be seen as soon as the nights get dark enough, from about the start of September to mid of April. No matter which time you choose, the light will have its season's characteristic beauty.


Through the AIR program we wish to put forward the importance national and international art has in our contemporary society, by inviting artists from other areas/countries. A presentation or a showcase from the artist work process or earlier works are welcome, to engage dialog and professional exchange. If you like to present work in progress, during your stay, we will help with finding the right time and space and also engage contact with the local audience.