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Over the last few years, the art world has rediscovered traditional printmaking. We see a strong upsurge, almost a renaissance, for all forms of printmaking. In contemporary printmaking experimentation is central and extends its boundaries to encompass installations, performance, and experimental photographic methods.
Within a few years Kunstkvarteret has built up a workshop which is top of the line, giving access to both local and visiting artists and AiR guests, as well as offering courses at all levels in the art of printmaking.

The print studio offers two large presses (100 x 200 cm and 70 x 150 cm). One belongs to the municipality of Vestvågøy, the other was transferred to us from the Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter's studio house in Svolvær. With the help of Norwegian graphic artists, the press has now been upgraded with new filters and glass plates, installation of extra benches, with sink, glass counters, and heating plates.  Similarly,  paper and finished prints are in safely stored in lockable architectural drawers, str. A0.

In the printing studio at KK we aim for the most environmentally effective work methods,  for example, for example assuring clean air through a huge exhaust system, cleaning print plates and equipment with cooking oil and vinegar. In addition to analog graphic methods such as collography, cold needle, woodcut, chine collé, linoleum, mezzotint and the like, we are expanding the offer. Many guests want to use analog photo methods. We will therefore complete the possibilities for cyanotopi, van Dyke and in graphics, including photopolymer. Here we have relocated our large Epson 9000 photo printer to the same  premises, allowing for combination techniques and experimentation.